You work hard. So we work hard for you.

Downtime means lost revenue. Working equipment means you are making money. At Home Oil Company, our team of experts makes sure you have appropriate supplies to keep your farm equipment in good working order and ready to go. From the delivery of petroleum products and the appropriate storage tank for fuel to lubricants for maintenance, we make sure you don’t lack resources to keep your operation on-line.

For agriculture, we provide dependable solutions every time.


Premium Products

Our premium branded fuel means better performance and guaranteed availability.

Competitive Pricing

You can count on competitive pricing for all of our premium products.

Reliable Delivery

Our dedicated team of drivers ensures your order is delivered on time every time.

Superior Service

Our knowledgeable and friendly team are committed to your success.

Customized Service

Having a plan can keep unexpected breakdowns or running out of fuel from happening. We can create a detailed plan that schedules delivery based on your need and season of year. During planting and harvesting seasons, we can monitor fuel usage so deliveries arrive on time.

Premium Branded Fuel

Our premium brand fuels come from well known companies like Citgo, Gulf, and Marathon. Premium fuels extend the life of your machinery, saving you time and money with fewer stoppages due to maintenance or a breakdown.

Tank Monitoring

Checking tank levels is essential in keeping your operation moving forward. With our tank monitoring system, we automate the tank reading, ordering, and delivery process that resolves unnecessary down time for lack of product. Each tank “monitor” can be customized to meet your specific needs based on the time of year.

Bulk Lubricants

Our premium lubricants such as Castrol, Chevron, Clarion, Ford Motorcraft, and Mystik guarantee smooth operating of equipment in the field leading to a reduction in ware and tear that saves you time and money.


Nothing is worse than waiting when you need to be working. We deliver the right product at the right time with a personal touch, eliminating the worry and concern if your order will be there when you need it most.

Fuel Tanks

Having petroleum resources on site when you need them reduces downtime which means you save time and money. We offer tank assessments to determine what type and size of tank best fits your operation.