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At Home Oil Company, we are a family owned business, and every team member is a part of the family. Our mission to provide our customers with quality products and friendly service. We work to build an environment that offers every team member a rewarding career and an opportunity to grow.

Home Oil Company is always looking for honest and hardworking team members who love new challenges and have a spirit of service. Whether employed in one of our retail stores or as a support team member at our corporate office, our main priority is servicing our customers so our community prospers.

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Shanette Fluellen

HR Director

(334) 796-4510

“I love working with Hobo Pantry because of the great leadership. If you have a good manager, you will have a good team! Benefits like earning vacation from your first day, and pay increases are icing on the cake.”


“After 3 years of working for national gas chain, joining the Hobo Pantry team has been a blessing! I love my team, and my boss is the best manager I have worked for. I plan to work with Hobo Pantry for a long time.”



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